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Would You Like To Learn ScanNCut Canvas Workspace Live With Me?

Hi everyone, as we are now in lockdown in the UK as with many other places around the world I am trying to think of ways we can stay connected through these uncertain times and try to take our minds off or get a little relief from this horrible situation we all find ourselves in.

Some of you will know Ive been doing a Sunday night youtube live at 5pm UK time where I’ve been making an actual project and showing you how I cut and assemble it.

In addition I am thinking about trying to do a midweek youtube live but where I share my computer screen with you all, this way I should be able to show you live how to do tasks in ScanNCut Canvas Workspace either the Online or Computer version. (The version I use may depend on what you want to learn)

If I can work this out and make it happen could you leave me your comments here on what you would like to learn how to do.

The sessions will be recorded so if you cannot make them for whatever reason, you will be able to watch the reply on Youtube at a later date.

What do you think?

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