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Youtube and Christmas


I just want to say a big thank you for all the people who have chosen to subscribe to my youtube channel, I know I have not been as active lately but Ive been busy. However,  I noticed the other day I now have over 6000 YT subscribers, which is amazing.

This year I have taken on too much, trying to juggle work, my blog, Youtube, a Forum, Facebook group, Stampin Up a Newsletter and helping out all the people that contact me asking for help.

As you know I closed the forum this year and for 2016 Ive decided to cut back a little I will not be sending out a newsletter anymore, all information, projects, videos, hints and tips will be posted on here and my Youtube channel.

I will still run the Facebook group but I am keeping that down to a manageable number.

I want to concentrate on trying to combine new ScanNCut and Stampin Up projects and try and do a few more simple sewing projects.

I want to say Happy Christmas to everyone who follows me on here and Youtube and hope you all have a safe and peaceful Christmas.

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