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I decided to make a couple of apron’s as last minute stocking fillers so here they are. They are a very simple design I didn’t use a pattern I just worked out the size for myself.

I have added an appliqué cupcake which is a Sizzix die which I cut using my cuttlebug. Here they are.

My fabric was 54″ wide and I got 2 aprons from it with a bit left over for maybe a small project. The apron is 30″ wide x 20″ long.

You will need

1.5 yds of Fabric @ 54″ wide

5 mtrs bias binding


Cut 2 pieces of fabric 30″ w x 20″ d for apron

Cut 3 pieces of fabric 5.5″ w x 54″ for apron strings (cut 1 in half) sew one of the halves to one full length piece. do this twice for 2 aprons.

Cut 2 pieces of fabric 10″ w x 9″ d for pocket

Round the bottom edges of the main apron fabric and the pocket I used a small side plate, just to give it a little shape.

Apply bias binding to two short sides and the bottom of the apron body, leave the top that will be covered by the strings later.

Make three small tucks about half an inch wide equally spaced along the top of the apron sew down to hold them in place leaving about 5-6 inches clear at either end, this just gives the apron a little bit of shape.

Sew one small piece of apron string fabric to one full length piece you should have a finished size of about 81″ x 5.5″ press the seem open on the join, now with the right side facing down fold half an inch seem on the short end press and fold over again another half inch and press repeat at the other short end, then fold  the fabric in half along its length.

Open up and fold each outer edge towards the centre fold and then fold one edge over so you are now left with 4 layers of folded fabric that is about 1.5″ x 81″.

Sandwich the apron inside the open sides of the string about half an inch inwards spaced evenly, pin and sew in place to encase the raw edge of the top of the apron. I also added another row of top stitching on the string for decoration.

Apply bias binding on all four sides of the pocket and then sew in centrally onto the front of the apron, leaving the top open so you can use it as a pocket.

Thats it, repeat for the second one.

If you are going to add any appliqué to the pocket do it before you sew it onto the apron.

I hope that may be of some help to someone.

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