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Embroidery Fonts on Janome Memory Craft 9900

I have not used all the fonts on the embroidery side of my machine so I thought I would stitch out a sampler. I have three fonts on the sewing side of the machine and three fonts plus two monograms pre installed on the embroidery side of the machine.

I stitched out Small, Medium & Large using the three embroidery fonts and they are all a good size. My machine gives me the ability to adjust these pre installed fonts by up to plus or minus 20% so many possibilities.

But fonts are available to use from your computer with software that can be bought or many of the embroidery sites on the net also sell fonts in all shapes and sizes so endless possibilities.

The three fonts at the bottom of the sampler are the three fonts that are available on the sewing side of the machine. They are ok but I would probably only use these for labels or putting names in my daughters school uniform.

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