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How To Use A ScanNCut And Make Your First Cuts

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So if you follow my blog you will know that recently I had the pleasure of working with the team from Makers at the NEC Birmingham, where they were launching the sale of the new ScanNCut SDX2200 disney cutting machine which is exclusive to them.

Over the two days that I was there I got to meet some lovely crafters, who were either buying the new machine or who already owned a previous model.

A reoccurring theme from talking to so many of them was that they had a CM model machine but they were scared to use it. Some told me it hadn’t even come out of the box, some told me it was out of the box but had not been used for years.

These machine are expensive and deserve more that being left in a box or on a shelf untouched!

So with that in mind I tried to encourage as many of them as possible to go home and have a go, but I thought I would make a video to show people what the machine icons and features are and walk people through making their first cuts and a simple project.

This is what I am showing how to make and its all done directly on the ScanNCut machine and made from inbuilt simple shapes.

If you follow the video step by step you can make this yourselves, honest.

How to use a scanncut and make your first cuts

I am going to make a few more videos, please make sure you are subscribed to my Youtube channel so you don’t miss them.

The next one will hopefully be about using the test cut facility and setting your blade depth and cutting pressure.

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