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Meet My Brother!

Well I don’t have a brother but I have a Brother sewing machine. I have been posting various things that I have made over the last year here on my blog so I thought I would show you the sewing machine I use.

Its a Brother MS6NT electronic machine and has 60 stitches which I doubt I will ever use all of them, but I have them, just in case!

It has a needle threader which I love as I find it a pain to have to try and thread a needle these days, it has two specific stitches for a quarter inch seem which is great for patchwork.

All the stitches have a number and you just press the buttons to select them and the machine sets its self up automatically, no need for messing with tensions,  just choose a number and sew. You can alter the length and width if you choose or just let the machine set the default ones.

It has feed dogs that drop at the slide of a button so great for sewing buttons one or free motion sewing.

Best of all i have never used the foot pedal, its never been out of  its packet, I operate it using the start/stop button which I personally find gives me better control.

You can have the need stop in either the up or down position and its has a speed slider so you can go as slow or fast as you choose.

It has a built in carry handle and is lightweight in case I have to move it or take it to a class (Ive only ever done one class) but its sturdy enough that it sits nice and stable when in use.

So its fair to say I love my Brother, MS6NT sewing machine.

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